Scarborough: The Days of Hoping Trump Will Achieve More ‘Are Behind Us’

Wednesday, Joe Scarborough opened MSNBC “Morning Joe” with a critical monologue of President Donald Trump over his “disastrous trade policies, his record-setting debt, his liberal deficit spending and his erratic behavior” that the host said are hurting the market.

According to Scarborough, the whole world is watching Trump and is “rightly scared.”

“Donald Trump is on track to be the worst president in modern times, and perhaps ever,” Scarborough declared, adding, “And I haven’t even brought up the Mueller investigation and the fact that this president has practically confessed to obstructing justice and violating campaign finance laws that are felonies.”

“Now, some have called the last week of the Trump presidency the worst to date. … This morning, we’re going to talk about what happens next, how America’s other leaders and how leaders across the world can work together and work around what Donald Trump has wrought because the days of waiting for this president to change how we operate and the days of hoping that he can somehow achieve more and do better — those days are behind us,” he added.

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