NYT’s Friedman: We Have a ‘Disturbed,’ ‘Demented’ Man as President

Friday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman described President Donald Trump as “demented.”

Friedman said, “It’s really sad. This is a party that has simply laid down for a demented man. They have been laying down for anyone who would energize their base, going back to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, and now it’s Trump.”

He added, “We’re really risking our luck here. How long can this go on? We have a disturbed man as president. That’s very clear. We have a party that is not ready to stand up to it. What worries me is now we’re threatening our institutions. Look, what he did describing the judges as Bush judges and Obama judges. Thank God John Roberts said, they aren’t Obama judges and Bush judges. They’re just judges. Look what he has been doing with the military. Saying the people who are out of work now, government workers, they are mostly just Democrats.”

“These are our institutions,” Friedman continued. “What makes us unique as a country is that we have a judiciary, we have a non-partisan military, we have a true state, not some nefarious deep state. The world envies those institutions. Why do you think those people are lining up to get into our country? They want to be in a place that has those kinds of institutions. That’s precisely what this president is attacking. That’s a threat. The biggest crisis we have right now is in the Oval Office. We have a president who does not appreciate the institutions that make our country unique.”

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