ABC’s Hostin: Covington Students Should Not Have Worn MAGA Hats to March for Life

Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host and network legal analyst Sunny Hostin said because the students from Covington Catholic High School involved in the viral video encounter with Native American activists were there for Friday’s March for Life in Washington, DC they should not have worn MAGA hats.

Hostin said, “I watched hours of the controversy and you know as a practicing Catholic I just kept on coming back to the same point, where were the chaperones? Where were the adults? I thought it was such a teachable moment for everyone there. These were kids. These were 16-year-old kids. And I kept on thinking, you know, you’ve got kids coming from another place, from Kentucky, they don’t know D.C., you’ve got these, the Black Israelites really taunting them. They should have been taught, what would Jesus do? That’s what Catholics are taught. They were engaging the people being aggressive to them. A chaperone should have said to them, ‘Don’t engage, don’t engage, move along.’ Instead, the chaperones told them to start this chant. And the kids started this chant. One kid ripped off his shirt and, you know was chanting.”

Co-host Joy Behar said, “They were there for a pro-life why do they need those hats on their head?”

Hosting continued, “And that is the other thing you know Catholic churches, you get this tax exemption because you’re not supposed to be political. They had these political hats on and these outfits. Again where were the adults advising them that they can’t wear that?”

She added, “And then you are the good Samaritan trying to separate them. And again you have a 16-year-old, he was smirking. He says he was silently praying. I don’t know when I pray, I don’t smirk. But again, the adult weren’t there telling him, ‘Move out of the way, don’t engage this good Samaritan.’ And again afterward he gets a PR firm that sends a note instead of teaching him to be an adult maybe take some responsibility. There’s still no teachable moment. Where are the adults in this, teaching, teaching, teaching? No one is there. No one is there. I’m sort of — I was just disgusted by the entire thing.”

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