Gillibrand: SCOTUS ‘Does’ Need to Be Reformed, Justices Are ‘No Longer Public Servants’

Tuesday on the “Pod Save America” podcast, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) declared that Supreme Court justices are “no longer public servants.”

When asked about reforming the Supreme Court by adding seats or term-limiting justices, Gillibrand said, “Well, they are interesting ideas that I would need to think more about. But I do think what President Trump has done to the Judiciary is shocking and is so destructive.”

When asked if she was open to Supreme Court reforms, Gillibrand said, “The fact that a Supreme Court justice can be wined and dined by a special interest, have junkets paid for where they can be lobbied incessantly by the wealthy special interests, I think we have to make that illegal.”

She continued, “I’d be very interested in looking at a very significant transparency agenda for the Supreme Court because I do not think they are held accountable.”

She added, “I do believe we need a full transparency agenda put in place for them because they are no longer public servants in the way we have always imaged them to be.”

(h/t NTK)

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