Dem Rep. Connolly: ‘I Would Put Some Money’ on Immigration Deal – Trump ‘Will’ Sign Deal That Doesn’t Fully Fund Wall

On Monday’s “CNN Tonight,” Representative Gerry Connolly (D-VA) stated that he “would put some money” on the agreement reached by the immigration conference committee and President Trump will accept a deal that doesn’t have all the money he wants for a wall.

Connolly said, “I would put some money on this one. Because I think Trump got bloodied in the last go-round, with a 35-day shutdown…I don’t think there’s any appetite for going back there again this week.”

Host Don Lemon then asked, “Do you think the president is going to accept a border deal that doesn’t give him all the money he wants for this wall?”

Connolly answered, “I think he will. I think he’s going to contrive with Mick Mulvaney…to find other pockets of money that maybe he can throw toward a wall. But I think he understands, so long as Democrats have anything to say about it, he’s not going to get $5.7 billion for…a wall across the Mexican border.”

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