MSNBC’s Wallace: Trump’s Conduct as the Leader of the Free World Is ‘Amoral,’ ‘Abnormal’

Wednesday at the handoff between MSNBC’s “Deadline,” and “MTP Daily,” host Nicolle Wallace told host Chuck Todd that President Donald Trump’s conduct was “abnormal” and “amoral.”

Discussing Trump’s personal attacks, Wallace said, “We’re human beings. We’re human beings, with children and people, and you think, I think “Oh, my dad saw that.’ You cannot ever stop talking about how abnormal the conduct of the leader of the free world is with Donald Trump as president. It is abnormal. It’s amoral. It’s against everything we are used to seeing. And I caution against ever normalizing that conduct.”

Todd said, “And we’re getting numb. I worry, not we, but I worry the audience is going to get numb to it.”

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