Brooks: Trump Deserves ‘Fair Bit of Credit’ on North Korea – His Statements About Kim Were ‘Appalling’

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks praised President Trump’s policy approach to North Korea, but criticized him for his “appalling” statements about Kim Jong-un.

Brooks said, “I actually give the Trump administration a fair bit of credit on this. You know, you would talk to people two years ago who really knew the North Korean situation from the inside, and they were terrified. … And now, we’re in a much better place. … I’m frankly glad Donald Trump walked away from a deal, rather than have a cheap political win. So, are we in a good place? No, but we’re in a lot better place than we were two years ago. And I think the administration’s policy has been basically reasonable.”

He added, “The emotional atmospherics are appalling, like, to say, this guy is my friend, I like him, that he didn’t kill an American.”

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