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North Korea to Hold First ‘Mass Games’ Event in Five Years

According to a tour group based in Beijing, North Korea has decided to hold its “Mass Games” event for the first time in five years. The North Korean government has never explained why the games were halted in 2013 after a big show to commemorate the Korean War armistice, or why they are being relaunched now, but the obvious inference is that Pyongyang wishes to appear more open to the West and welcoming to tourists as diplomacy with the United States unfolds.

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Otto Warmbier’s Parents Sue North Korea over His Death

The family of student Otto Warmbier, who was held prisoner by North Korea for a year and a half before he was returned to his family in a vegetative state and died soon afterward, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the North Korean government on Thursday.

North Korea sued for 'killing' former detainee Otto Warmbier

John Bolton: Trump ‘in the Right Place’ on North Korea, but State Dept. Continues 25 Years of Failed Policy

On Friday’s Breitbart News Daily, former U.N. ambassador John Bolton talked about the death of American student Otto Warmbier, recently released from more than a year of captivity in North Korea, most of which he spent in a coma. He also discussed what Warmbier’s death means for America’s North Korea policy moving forward. Bolton then looked at the one-year anniversary of the Brexit vote and U.S. policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Secretary Mattis: Trump’s Otto Warmbier Comments Represent Americans’ View

Defense Secretary James Mattis said Wednesday he believed President Trump’s comment that American student Otto Warmbier, who died this week after being released from 18 months in detention in North Korea, should have been brought home much sooner, represented the American people’s view.

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Trump Administration Pressuring North Korea, Ally China to Release American Hostages

The U.S. State Department has called for North Korea to release three American citizens — who were taken hostage by the communist government on various charges of espionage and threatening the repressive Kim regime — the same week American Otto Warmbier, 22, was pronounced dead shortly after being freed after a year in captivity in Pyongyang.


5 Times the Far-Left Mocked and Criticized Now Deceased Otto Warmbier

The sorrowful reaction to Otto Warmbier’s death on Monday was not universal. Many from across the political spectrum, including the president, voiced their support for Warmbier and his family throughout his ordeal at the hands of North Korea. However, a small, yet vocal, cohort on the left were amused at the American’s misfortune. In some cases, they defended North Korea for punishing Warmbier. A general narrative condemning white male privilege emerged from those in the far-left justifying Warmbier’s punishment for stealing a North Korean propaganda poster.

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