Brennan: Autocrats ‘Gleefully Taking Advantage’ of Trump’s ‘Failings’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” former CIA Director John Brennan declared that “autocrats and authoritarians around the world” were taking advantage of an opportunity to manipulate and exploit President Donald Trump.

When asked about foreign intelligence agencies’ psychological profile of Trump, Brennan said, “To talk about how erratic he is, to talk about his narcissism, I believe they would put that in there, about how he does things to advance himself personally or politically. And it’s unpredictable in some respects but predictable in other things. You can always expect Donald Trump to do whatever is going to advance his interests, irrespective. And he’s going to lie and cheat about it.”

He added, “I would like to read the British intelligence profile of him because British intelligence is very good. I think they’re very perceptive on it. I do think all of these leaders, the authoritarian leaders have been able to take advantage of his being prone to flattery. But I think a lot of the leaders of the liberal Western democracies are really quite unsettled because there used to be strength in Washington in the sense you can count on the United States to support what you’re trying to do in terms of, you know, regional or international politics and the geo-strategic objectives. But this individual in the Oval Office, Donald Trump, is somebody that is so different from anything we’ve experienced in the past, and that’s why our friends and partners, I believe, are worried. And the autocrats and authoritarians around the world are gleefully taking advantage of the ability to manipulate and exploit Donald Trump’s failures and failings.”

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