Kirsten Gillibrand: ‘Our President Is a Coward,’ Rooting for Bigotry, Violence


Sunday during a campaign speech in New York City, 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) called President Donald Trump a “coward.”

Gillibrand said, “It challenges us to choose to take the next step to fight that next fight to answer that fundamental question, will brave win? And the truth is, brave hasn’t always won. And brave isn’t winning right now. Brave doesn’t spread hate or bully the vulnerable. Brave doesn’t put greed and self-interest over millions of lives. Brave doesn’t cower behind lies and walls. Brave doesn’t pit people against one another. That is what fear does. This president has tried to reduce America to its smallest self by attacking the values and institutions of our democracy and turning our most cherished principles inside out, rooting for bigotry and discrimination and violence. Closing our doors to immigrants and refugees. Taking from the money to line the pockets of the few.”

She continued, “President Trump is tearing apart the moral fabric of this country. He demonizes the vulnerable, and he punches down. He puts his name on bold on every building. He does this because he wants you to believe he is strong. He is not. Our president is a coward. And that is not what we deserve. That is not what you deserve. We deserve a president who is brave — a president who will walk through fire to do what is right. We deserve a president who inspires us to stand for something greater than ourselves. Look up at that tower, a shrine to greed, division and vanity.”

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