AL Lt. Gov. Ainsworth on Abortion Ban: ‘My Message for the National Media Is in Alabama, We Value Life’

On Wednesday, the day after the Alabama State Senate passed one of the nation’s strictest abortion bans, Alabama Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth defended the legislation, despite the sudden onslaught of national media criticism.

During an appearance on Birmingham, AL radio Talk 99.5’s “Matt & Aunie Show,” Ainsworth was steadfast in his support for the bill. He explained that the fight was for the defenseless, and he said he saw the recognition that a child in the womb was a life is a trend that will extend beyond political boundaries.

“My message for the national media is in Alabama, we value life,” Ainsworth said. “We took a strong stand, and we’re going to fight for basically a child that cannot defend itself.  I think — what’s interesting to me is you’ve got all this push for, you know, about rights. Yet, they don’t want to defend the most defenseless. I think we took a stand for life and I really believe this — if you look, my generation now, 40 and under — you look at us, and you look at the technology — even with moderates or liberals are starting to get where it is a life.”

“I think one of the Democrats if I remember right — [Malika] Sanders-Fortier is not for abortion,” he added. “And she’s a younger Democrat. So I think what you’re seeing that they really believe just from technology that this is a life. I’m confident that over time, that this will be the majority of people will say this is a life and we’ve got to make sure to protect it. I really believe that.”

The bill, HB314, has already passed the Alabama House of Representatives and now awaits Gov. Kay Ivey’s signature.

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