Whoopi Goldberg Blasts De Blasio’s 2020 Run: ‘No!’ — ‘Not a Good Career Move, Man’

Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t stop laughing while panning New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s announcement that he was running for president on the Democratic ticket.

While laughing, Goldberg said, “Is this a good career move for him right now? No! What are you doing? Not a good career move, man. Here’s the thing that you didn’t mention. Homelessness is near record highs. Congestive pricing will take the minimum wage money that we just gave to people and take it away from them because they have to pay the congestive pricing. Public housing is falling apart. We can’t seem to fire anybody. The subway is underserved. The buses are slow. What the hell are you going to do? Finish doing what you’re doing here. Finish being the mayor!”

The audience cheered and applauded.

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