Graham: ‘After Two Years of a Political Rectal Exam, Nobody Has Been Looked at More Than Trump’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) discussed some of the aspects of the Mueller report and the rules set for his investigation.

The South Carolina Republican also noted that if Democrats tried to impeach President Donald Trump, it would lead to his reelection.

Partial transcript as follows:

HANNITY: Is there a justifiable reason with that broad mandate that Mueller had? And it was broad. It took him way off course.


HANNITY: How does he then justify the main part of the mandate, which is Russian interference, and ignored the Hillary dirty dossier for Russia?

GRAHAM: To be honest with you, Sean, that wasn’t his job. His job was to find out did candidate Trump colluded with the Russian? Did our President, when he was running for office, win the election because the Russians helped him and he wanted that help?

HANNITY: Well, wait a minute, though.

GRAHAM: The answer is no.

HANNITY: But he had the authority to expand out, Senator.

GRAHAM: Yes, but he didn’t. That’s what Barr is going to do, that’s what Horowitz is going to do. You can say this anyway you would like, but here is the bottom line. After two years of a political rectal exam, nobody has been looked at more than Trump. They found nothing. But the answer for the Democrats is Trump has got to go. They will not beat him at the ballot box. If they try to impeach him, they’re going to ensure his reelection.

I want the American people to know that Bob Mueller did his job. He looked at Trump every way you could look at Trump, and he found nothing. And this is just political revenge. It’s going to blow up in their face. And I can’t wait until 20.

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