Brennan: ‘Most Americans Wish We Had Somebody Who Was Deserving’ of the Presidency

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” former CIA director John Brennan argued “most Americans” wished for somebody who was deserving of the presidency and that President Donald Trump was not.

Brennen said, “It’s difficult to speak of the president of the United States when he’s abroad but I think we wish we had somebody who was more knowledgeable of history, as well as more dignified particularly on the 75th anniversary of transatlantic alliance demonstrated how important it is to peace and security in the area, the region, as well as around the globe. I think that a number of signals that Mr. Trump has sent the last two plus years has undermined the confidence our allies have in the United States as far as being the ultimate security guarantor.”

He added, “I think after two years we know what Donald Trump is all about, he’s all about himself. And he is somebody who is not going to be really interested in having an intellectual curiously about the issues that affect all of our lives and the future lives of generations of Americans and Britains and others. I think he continues to have this ad hoc whatever comes on his mind or tweet. It is quite dis-spiriting. I think most Americans wish we had somebody who was deserving of that office. And to lead the United States at a very challenging time of world history and I don’t think we have that. We have somebody who’s willing to sort of banter on issues that he knows little about, and quite frankly I think he cares little about as well.”

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