Meacham: Trump ‘Basically a 24-7 Professional Wrestler Who Happens to Have the Nuclear Codes’

Friday on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour,” host Brian Williams and presidential historian Jon Meacham examined President Donald Trump on the heels of his trip to Europe, and how he compared to his predecessors on the international stage.

Meacham said his behavior raised questions about who the American people should have representing them on the international stage.

“The fascinating thing to me is — and you’ve been on a lot of these trips — you know, American presidents, foreign travel for American presidents is really while they’re in office is a fairly recent phenomenon. So, it’s really Roosevelt forward where it’s a central feature of the presidency. Nixon went to Egypt to avoid Watergate. They used to leave the country to get away from domestic politics. President Trump has flattened the world. He takes these fights with him and deploys the various foreign moments to fight these Twitter battles and these counter-punching, punching battles, whatever you want to call them. He’s basically a 24/7 professional wrestler who happens to have the nuclear codes. And the choice facing the country, whether it’s congressional action in an impeachment, or the fast-approaching election, is this who we want in charge of our affairs? Is this who we want chatting up the Queen of England? Is it who we want when the crisis comes we’re going to depend on his judgment, and perhaps his alone.

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