George Will: Democrats ‘Will Win the White House’ in 2020

Monday on MSNBC, Washington Post columnist George Will predicted the eventual presidential nominee of the Democratic Party would beat President Donald Trump in 2020.

When asked what the Democrats need to do to beat Trump, Will said, “It seems to me they will win the White House given the fact that the president has a very narrow band. He can’t fall below 42% but can’t get above 46%. The White House is theirs to win if they don’t kick it away. It’s theirs to lose.”

He continued, “They were indispensable to electing Trump in the first place in 2016 and sometimes they do seem to me to be out to prove that that wasn’t a fluke, that they could do it again. But what they want to do is make it easy for people to vote for Democrats. Which means don’t start your campaign as Kamala Harris did in a cable appearance by saying let’s get rid of private health insurance, thereby frightening 180 million Americans who have employer-provided health insurance and, by the way, frightening organized labor which today exists primarily to negotiate health care as untaxed competition for its members.”

He added, “So if they would simply understand the American people aren’t up in arms, the American people would really like a return to something like normality, it’s theirs to win.”

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