GOP Rep. Waltz on Iran: ‘We Should Have Carried Out the Strike’

During Monday’s “New Day” broadcast on CNN, Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) said he believed the United States should have had a response for Iran downing a drone in international waters.

According to Waltz, Iran will “continue to provocate” and the correct response would be to carry out the retaliatory strike President Donald Trump had initially planned.

“I think we should have responded, and I think we should have responded proportionately, whether that is oil platforms, some of the ships that have been attacking tankers or the missile batteries,” Waltz told host John Berman. “Of course, it’s the president’s absolute right as commander in chief to pull that back. But I think what we are seeing from the Iranians today is that they’re going to continue to push. I think we should have carried out the strike, yes, I do.”

The Florida representative also said Trump by seeking to avoid conflict with Iran is showing his critics that he is “not a warmonger.”

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