Fox News’ Shep Smith Doubles Down on Criticism of Trump’s Treatment of Migrant Kids — ‘Those Are the Facts’

Monday on Fox News Channel, anchor Shepard Smith attacked the Trump administration for their alleged treatment of migrant children claiming their treatment was “a violation of the Geneva Conventions.”

On his program Tuesday, Smith doubled down on his attacks of the Trump administration.

“I told you a legal delegation went in to take a look at the conditions there and reported back,” he said. “Our reporting is as follows. The resignations of the customs and border protection chief or the acting one comes on July 5. His resignation comes as Americans demand answers of migrant children held in custody. We reported on horrendous conditions in Clint, TX. A legal team visited and issued a stunning report on what they saw. They say about 300 children were there, some for weeks, even though U.S. rules say the kids must be transferred after three days.”

“One lawyer said the children, many not yet in their tens, were taking care of infants and toddlers,” Smith continued. “In other words, young migrant children less than ten years old taking care of infants and toddlers. Their clothes covered in snot — no access to toothbrushes or toothpaste or soap, basic necessities for any of us and all the more so for children. We reported accurately here yesterday that were these prisoners of war instead of innocent children, withholding of those items would be violations of the Geneva Convention. That’s what the president considers treating well the children of migrants that came across the border without documents.”

“Children who are now separated from their families, 100 of whom were transferred elsewhere and today returned to that faculty which is incapable of providing toothbrushes and toothpaste and soap where children were sitting in their own filth,” he added. “Those are the facts at that facility.”

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