Inslee: As President I Can Stop the Influx of Migrants by Solving Climate Crisis

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Live,” 2020 presidential hopeful Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) said if elected he can stop the influx of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border by confronting the causes, one of which he claimed was the so-called climate crisis.

Partial transcript as follows:

VELSHI: Day one, if you’re president, how do you deal with the actual situation in which there continues to be an influx of migrants at the southern borders? And then beyond day one, what would you actually do to fix the immigration system?

INSLEE: Well, the first thing we have to do is remove a person who has looked at this through a lens not of helping solve the problem, not of helping follow the law, not of doing your job as the American government, but instead has used it as a political cudgel.

VELSHI: What happens if you win, once you remove Donald Trump, there will continue to be an issue on the southern border, what will you do about it?

INSLEE: We will follow the law, which is to allow people to have asylum requests. We will provide humane treatment for them and not separate children from their parents, which is both inhumane and I believe illegal. We will also importantly confront the causes of this immigration, one of which is we have climate refugees now because the climate crisis is making Central America uninhabitable for a large portion of people. Donald Trump keeps calling this a climate hoax, and we have climate refugees. We have to give a chance for those people to stay in their ancestral homeland. Those are three things we can do.

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