Cuomo: Trump Has ‘Fomented Hatred’ that Led to ‘El Paso Madman’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Live,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) said President Donald Trump has “fomented hatred,” which led to the El Paso, TX, mass shooting.

Cuomo said,”What’s happening here is the president and the Republicans don’t want to pass laws that affect guns, period. The president said even today, mental illness and hatred pulled the trigger, not the gun. How absurd is that? The trigger is on the gun. Yes, hatred is a problem, and frankly, the height of hypocrisy for the president to blame hatred when the president has fomented hatred.”

He added, “He calls the president of Mexico and offers condolences. He’s the one that said Mexicans are rapists and bringing drugs, and we’re surprised at the El Paso madman. But it’s not hatred or mental health alone. The second element is the gun. Hatred is the virus, the hypodermic needle that injects it into the body politic is the gun. They don’t want to pass gun laws, period.”

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