Joe Walsh: ‘I Think We’re All a Little Bit Racist’

Monday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” fill-in host John Berman asked former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), now a candidate for the 2020 Republican presidential nomination, to defend his claim that tweeting racist things did not make him racist.

Walsh responded by saying everyone was at least “a little bit racist” and said being responsible for racist content on social media did not make him racist “on purpose.”

“I think we’re all a little bit racist,” he said. “We’ve all said racist things. I’ll bet if you and I went through everybody’s Twitter feed, we’re going to find things that are objectionable and offensive. I think we all have. I know when I look back at some of my tweets over the years, because I was so outspoken, yes, I’ve tweeted some racist things. On purpose? No.”

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