MSNBC’s Kornacki on Monmouth Poll: ‘The Floor Pretty Much Falling Out’ for Biden

Monday on MSNBC, NBC national political correspondent Steve Kornacki said former Vice President Joe Biden was losing ground in his 2020 presidential bid in a new Monmouth poll.

Kornacki said, “When you look inside these numbers, you see some reasons why Biden’s in particular trouble here. Number one, it’s ideological, among liberal voters Warren not surprisingly in first, Sanders right behind her in second. When you look at moderate conservative voters, this has been sort of a strong base of support ideologically for Biden. He still leads, but he’s running at, this poll at least, only 22 percent among self-described moderates and conservatives. ”

He continued, “And then there is this, we have been talking all year about an age divide on the Democratic side, over 50 years old, under 50 years old. Well, check this out. In the Monmouth poll, Democrats over 50, this is what we’re used to seeing. Biden’s in first place, double-digit advantage, solid lead there for Biden, 33 percent. But now look at this. Under 50 years old, in this poll on the Democratic side, not only is Joe Biden not in first place, he is all the way back at 6 percent. He is tied with Andrew Yang in this poll among Democrats under 50 years old at just 6 percent. So for Biden, ideologically, not getting what he normally gets from moderates, from conservatives in this poll. Age-wise, we’re used to seeing him not do too well among folks under 50 but the floor pretty falling out from at least, again, in this polling.”

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