Dem Sen. Jones: We Shouldn’t Impeach Kavanaugh

On Tuesday’s “MSNBC Live,” Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) stated his opposition to impeaching Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Host Hallie Jackson asked, “Should lawmakers move forward with impeaching Justice Kavanaugh?”

Jones responded, “No. … I don’t think you move forward on any allegation in which the victim can’t remember anything and is reluctant to talk about it.”

He continued, “I think the bigger issue here is not having to do with Brett Kavanaugh himself, and I don’t think we should spend the time or the effort to try to move in that direction. What I am concerned about is this process. We set a precedent last year with a flawed process from the very beginning. We didn’t have the documents. We didn’t have time to review the documents that we did have, and then all of a sudden, the FBI and the White House just refused to do a full and fair investigation. So, it was inevitable that you were going to see things like this. I’m more concerned about that process than anything else, and the fact that you’ve now got the Justice Department, as I understand it from reports, giving big top awards to people in the Justice Department who worked on this, and I’m really disturbed by that, if that’s the case.”

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