Cruz on Kavanaugh Impeachment Talks, NY Times: ‘Crazy Left-Wing Ideology’ Used to ‘Intimidate’

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Wednesday weighed in on the controversy surrounding Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh after The New York Times ran an essay about him sexually assaulting a woman while leaving out in the original publication that friends of the woman say she does not remember the assault happening.

Cruz said the story was “ridiculous” even for The New York Times, adding the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates calling for Kavanaugh’s impeachment is “crazy left-wing ideology” to “intimidate the court.”

“[T]hey want to intimidate the court,” Cruz argued. “And so none of the Democratic presidential [candidates] are going to retract because it’s not about facts. It’s about crazy left-wing ideology. That’s where the Times is, that’s where the candidates are, and sadly, the Times is now about propaganda.”

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