FNC’s Wallace: Marie Yovanovitch Puts a Human Face on Impeachment Inquiry

On Friday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace called former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch a “human face” for the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

Wallace said, “I think Marie Yovanovitch is important witness in this one sense; she put as a human face on allegations here, the alleged scandal. She is a victim of the alleged smear campaign by Rudy Giuliani and others as they were trying to work their way to get what they wanted out of the Ukraine government, specifically an investigation of the Democrats in 2016 and of Joe Biden who at that point was President Trump’s prime rival.”

He added, “We talk about, well, the president can remove any ambassador he wants. She was appointed by Barack Obama, but in April of— March, rather of 2020 the Trump administration asked her to stay on until the end of 2020. It was Obama in 2016. The Trump administration asked her to stay on. So she was very much the president or Trump administration’s woman there. Suddenly in April, she gets word you have to be on the next plane. You have to get out. This was after there is a smear campaign, that far from being the anti-corruption woman that she was, that in fact, she was corrupt herself. I suspect that what you are going to see here is an effort by her to say  this is part of a campaign— this goes to the Democratic argument, this didn’t begin and end with a phone call —that there was a campaign long before the phone call and after the phone call to try to pressure Ukraine to do certain things. That Marie Yovanovitch was the victim of that campaign.”

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