Dem Rep. Welch on Impeachment: ‘We’ve Got Plenty of Evidence and We’ve Got to Proceed’

During a Monday interview with CNN’s “New Day,” Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, revealed the committee has “plenty of evidence” against President Donald Trump proving he withheld aid from Ukraine.

Welch said with Trump resisting some people testifying, the evidence is sufficient to “proceed with what we have” and vote on impeachment.

“[Trump] dangled the White House meeting and withheld the aid in order to get Ukraine to agree to do his dirty work on Vice President Biden,” Welch outlined. “And everything that we’ve seen just corroborates what the president said in his phone call, and now it appears there’s a paper trail that shows the machinations that the White House went through to try to keep that congressionally authorized aid, bipartisan vote, strong bipartisan vote, to keep that at bay so Ukraine didn’t get it until the president got what he wanted.”

“[I]f the president is going to continue to stonewall and not allow Bolton to testify, not allow Mulvaney to testify … we’ve got plenty of evidence and we’ve to proceed and not let the president’s resistance,” he added.

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