Mark Steyn on Hong Kong Protesters Celebrating U.S. Support: ‘Donald Trump Has Played This Brilliantly’

During Friday’s “Fox & Friends,” conservative commentator Mark Steyn reacted to pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong showing their support of President Donald Trump and the United States at a rally on Thanksgiving Day.

Wednesday, Trump signed two pro-Hong Kong protester bills into law.

Steyn praised Trump, saying he “has played this brilliantly.”

“I think, strategically, from America’s point of view, Donald Trump has played this brilliantly,” Steyn stated. “And that’s what they appreciate. … Really, the only practical thing that has been done for them is by President Trump, who has actually used the trade deal and this as a way of saying this is the last chance to stop China before it becomes the dominant economic power.”

He continued, “If the people’s republic gets away with crushing Hong Kong, then that basically says they can’t be stopped, they’re going to be the dominant superpower of the 21st century. And the president is the first president in a generation who actually doesn’t think the rise of China, and in fact the supplanting of America by China, he’s the first American president in a generation who doesn’t think that’s a good thing.”

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