MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance: ‘Cowardly’ Trump Thinks Having ‘Brutal Foot Soldiers Around Him Is Macho’

During an appearance on Sunday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” national security analyst Malcolm Nance commented on reports that President Donald Trump wanted to campaign with Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher and pardoned Army Veterans Clint Lorance and Matthew Golsteyn.
Nance said, “Donald Trump decided he likes war criminals, and he calls the warfighter and a new word he adopted. Need I remind you that he’s a five-time draft dodger. He refused to serve in a war which would have tested his level as a man, and he hid behind his father to get a deferment so he would not have to fight and make tough, moral decisions here.”

He added, “Donald Trump wants this type of person around him. He thinks he’s a mafia boss and ahead of the criminal clan and he thinks having these brutal foot soldiers around him is macho, it is nothing, it is dishonorable and cowardly.”

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