CNN’s Navarro Calls on Biden to Comply with Questions About Ukraine — ‘He Needs to Know How to Deal with It’

During Monday’s “New Day” on CNN, network commentator Ana Navarro called on former Vice President Joe Biden to comply with questions regarding his and his son’s dealings with Ukraine.

Navarro said with Biden running for president, questions about Ukraine will continue to come up, adding he “needs to know how to deal with it” rather than continuously changing his tune.

“Joe Biden should show he’s got nothing to hide,” Navarro advised.

“He should go make the argument nothing was illegal that was done, but I also think, politically, this is going to continue coming up for Biden,” she added. “There’s absolutely no shot either in the primary or much less in a general, should he make it, this will not come up and he needs to have tight, consistent answers that are logical, not defensive, not emotional. This is going to continue coming up. He needs to know how to deal with it because it’s not going away.”

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