Warren: Republicans Are ‘Fawning, Spineless Defenders’ of Trump’s Brazen Crimes

On CSPAN Tuesday, 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) accused Republican lawmakers in the Senate and House being “fawning, spineless defenders” of President Donald Trump’s “crimes.”

Warren said, “Let’s face it, this year in America has been anything but normal. In the past twelve months, the president has become bolder with his lies and more brazen with his lawbreaking. He has tried to squeeze foreign government to advance his own political fortunes. Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress have turned into fawning, spineless defenders of his crimes.”

She added, “It has brought no one any joy, but the House Democrats upheld their sworn duty to the Constitution and impeached the president of the United States of America. Soon, I will return to the Senate and do my sworn duty as well.”

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