Pirro on Soleimani Kill: ‘The Days of Appeasement Are Over’

During the “Opening Statement” segment of her Fox News Channel program on Saturday, Jeanine Pirro assessed the U.S. military successful drone strike that killed Qasem Soleimani, the leader of Iran’s elite Quds military force, as a statement of change in U.S. foreign policy regarding Iran.

The “Justice” host credited President Donald Trump and dismissed naysayers who claimed the Trump administration reacted in such a way as to distract from the impeachment saga.

“Yes, indeed — the days of appeasement are over,” she said. “Gone are the days when the U.S. fetes Iran, brings her to the table to give $150 billion and an additional $400 million on pallettes flown in unmarked planes as the United States lets out the Gitmo detainees to return to the battlefield. We now have a president who negotiates strength, not from weakness. A man who has exhibited tremendous restraint while constantly being provoked by Iran. His redline was the killing of an American and true to his word, it was only then that he responded.”

“He tried everything, and economic sanctions were imposed, themselves recognize the appropriate responsible action in the spectrum of diplomacy,” Pirro continued. “And yet, they continued to poke the eye of the tiger. The president even tweeted, ‘Iran will pay a very big price for any damage or loss of life. This is not a warning, it is a threat.’ So should we roll over and let them kill us? Should we decide who should they kill first? Or how many of us we will tolerate being killed before we act? Should we allow further casualties? It’s not an act of war. It’s not unauthorized force when the commander-in-chief is defending Americans from imminent deadly harm. And for those bozos who favored the president to distract us from impeachment, he could have done this on any one of the last 1,079 days because they’ve been trying to impeach him since day one.”

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