Dem Sen. Van Hollen: GOP ‘for Fixing and Rigging’ Senate Trial, ‘Would Be Complicit in a Cover-Up’

Friday on “MSNBC Live,” Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) weighed in on the upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate.

Van Hollen stressed the need for four GOP senators to call for witnesses in the trial, arguing anybody not for witnesses in the trial would be “fixing and rigging the trial” and “complicit in a cover-up.”

“Well, we need four,” explained Van Hollen. “You know, we have John Bolton who described what went down as a drug deal. We had this GAO report that finds that the administration broke the law by withholding aid, and Mick Mulvaney and others are right in the middle of that. So, we need four Republican senators, and I think the pressure will build because if you’re not willing to call witnesses and get relevant documents at a trial, you are for fixing and rigging the trial. And they would be complicit in a cover-up.”

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