CNN’s Van Jones: Bloomberg Was the Titanic, Warren Was the Iceberg

CNN political commentator and former Obama adviser Van Jones during his network’s post-Democratic presidential debate wrap-up argued former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (D-NY) was defeated by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) during the debate.

Jones said, “Listen, this was a disaster for Bloomberg. Bloomberg went in as the Titanic, billion-dollar machine titanic. Titanic meet iceberg Elizabeth Warren. She took him to task in a way that I had never seen in a debate. She took it over. She prosecuted him. But the worst part about it is for me, a lot of African Americans are placing great hope in Bloomberg. Despite the stop and frisk and all that sort of stuff, you’re seeing people trying to move over there, and he just wasn’t ready.”

He continued, “He was tone-deaf on issue after issue. And the reason why — he’s not been in the living rooms, he hasn’t done the town halls. Attacking people — Oh, I have too much money for TurboTax, this is a great answer? A lot of people watching use TurboTax. His answer on women was terrible. His answer on stop and frisk was as bad as it could be. He lied on the answer when it came to redlining. On every major thing that people who are looking for a champion, just when they see some contrition and some professionalism, he let people down tonight. And he’s got to go back to the woodshed and get it from his team and come back better next time.”

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