Blexit Leader: Democrat Party Has Done Nothing in Return for Black Vote

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

The Democrat Party has “used the black vote” while doing nothing for black Americans in return, said Shaken Akhet, state director of Blexit South Carolina, to Breitbart News in Charleston, SC, outside of Wednesday’s Democrat debate.

Transcript below:

I’ve really always been a conservative, right? So a lot of my views have been conservative. Trump kind of won me over a lot with prison reform. We’ve got a lot of individuals in the prison system, especially federal prison, and what happened is with the First Step Act, a lot of people who were incarcerated were able to actually have an avenue to come home.

I know a couple of individuals in prison now … because I did eight and a half years in federal prison. By me being in the prison and knowing, I understand how important prison reform is. You see, a lot of times those of us on the street, we don’t think about the people in prison.

So you had a young lady who got pardoned after 25 years — [she] had a life sentence — and we’ve got to look at that and we’ve got to say, “You know what? That’s growth.”

Another thing about prison reform, when you look at the mandatory minimums and a lot of things that the federal prison has that’s keeping people incarcerated, we’ve got a lot of work to do, and we’ve got to move the needle.

I love the opportunity zones. That’s a good thing that allows us to invest in underserved communities that give us opportunity to provide jobs and to build up our communities. 

The Democratic Party has played with the black vote for so long. The Democratic Party has used the black vote for their advantage and they have done nothing in return. The cities are still in a dilapidated state. You have a lot of corruption. You still have a lot of dirty politics, so we feel as though since the Democratic Party is not doing what they’re supposed to do then there needs to be a mass exit out of the Democratic Party. We need to start talking about conservative values. 

Asked what he would say to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Akhet replied, “Stop lying to the people, Bernie. That’s my thing. Stop lying to the people. I mean, we understand the concept of you know, free this, free that. It sounds good. Ideologically, it’s not feasible.”

Akhet concluded, “So don’t come and promise me something that you know you can’t deliver on. So I’m tired of a lot of the false promises that they come in the black community and tell the people and they know they can’t deliver on them.”

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