Maher on Matthews Departure: ‘Cancel Culture Is a Cancer’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher defended ex-MSNBC host Chris Matthews and declared, “cancel culture is a cancer on progressivism.”

Maher said, “MSNBC used to run this thing, ‘This is who we are.’ Well, I didn’t like who you were this week, and I don’t think a lot of people who work there liked this either, and I think this cancel culture is a cancer on progressivism. Liberals always have to fight a two-front war. Republicans only have to fight the Democrats. Democrats have to fight the Republicans and each other.”

Maher then addressed the World War II analogy Matthews made while covering the Nevada caucuses, and sarcastically remarked, “But he apologized for that. So, I hope the victims got some closure.” Maher also sarcastically remarked that Matthews is a “Klansman” because he mistook Jaime Harrison for Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC).

Maher then stated that Matthews’ questioning of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) over her accusations against former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg “sounds like every question Chris has asked.”

Maher conceded that Matthews’ comments about various women’s looks were “creepy.” But also sarcastically compared Laura Bassett to Rosa Parks and wondered if she is “a compliment victim or a compliment survivor?”

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