Donna Edwards: Trump Would Help Coronavirus Response If ‘He’d Just Shut Up’

Former Rep. Donna Edwards (D- MD) called on President Donald Trump to “shut up” about the coronavirus outbreak.

Host Chris Wallace asked, “How legitimate do you think it is for Democrats to go after the president on the administration response to the coronavirus?”

Edwards said, “I think it’s legitimate to challenge the process and the management of this crisis. It is a public health crisis. I think whenever we hear Dr. Fauci and other experts to talk about this virus and about what to do, and what Americans can do, that it actually is a somewhat reassuring. ”

She continued, “What we don’t get is that kind of reassurance coming directly from the president, because of his contradictions, because, you know, the information that he puts out is just not accurate. He would actually, I think, do better in terms of the public if he’d just shut up. Because I don’t think people wouldn’t necessarily blame the president for something that was out of his control, but if he continues in his administration mismanages the crisis, then I think it’s a legitimate point of challenge by anyone who wants to be president saying I would manage it better.”

She added, “For example, that Hurricane Katrina and the response had with President Bush. I don’t think this is different in that respect. But the president doesn’t do himself or the American public any good when he makes assertions that are completely contrary to the scientific evidence.”

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