Scarborough: Media ‘Showing a Hell of a Lot More Skepticism Towards Western Governments’ than China Right Now

Thursday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough slammed western media outlets, saying they are “showing a hell of a lot more skepticism towards western governments” at this time than they are “towards the Chinese authorities.”

Scarborough called on outlets such as The New York Times to be more careful because they are “literally taking the word of the Chinese authorities” despite their lies and cover-ups.

“Western media outlets have to be far more careful because I’m seeing a surge from The New York Times, I’m seeing other articles where they are literally taking the word of Chinese authorities despite what has happened over the past three months, despite the lying, despite the coverups, despite the destruction of records,” noted Scarborough. “And I would not bring this up normally because China and the United States have to work together now to get through this crisis. It did begin in China, but with western media outlets so rest recklessly moving forward, I don’t know exactly why they’re doing it, but they’re showing a hell of a lot more skepticism towards western governments right now, than they are towards the Chinese authorities that actually spread this through their coverups, through their lies. I don’t understand it.”

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