Nance: Ousted Navy Commander ‘Great Candidate for the Next Secretary of the Navy’

Thursday on MSNBC, network national security analyst Malcolm Nance commented on acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly firing Capt. Brett Crozier, the commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, for sending a letter requesting a quarantined after an outbreak of coronavirus on his ship.

Nance said, “It is his main duty, right, in his letter, he said we’re not in combat, they weren’t on a wartime cruise, they didn’t need to risk the lives of the sailors beneath him in his command.”

He continued, “Let me tell you something, 150 years ago, commanders of these vessels used to have to make decisions themselves about whether they had plague on the ship or whether they were going to ports that had other diseases. Now they expect to have this permission come down from the acting Secretary of the Navy, notice I said ‘acting,’ because there is no Secretary of the Navy because the last Secretary of the Navy resigned when Donald Trump overrode his orders which impacted the good order and discipline of our sailors. Now we have war criminals who are pardoned and put back into the Navy ranks, but a good captain loses his job. This world is upside-down, and let me tell you, if I have anything to say about it, I think that Brett Crozier is a great candidate for the next Secretary of the Navy.”

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