Schumer: Atkinson, Roosevelt Captain Fired for Speaking Truth to Power

On Saturday’s “CNN Newsroom,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson and USS Theodore Roosevelt Commanding Officer Captain Brett Crozier are examples of people the Trump administration fired for speaking the truth.

Schumer said, “There’s all too familiar a pattern in this administration, when you tell the president the truth, you get fired. This guy was a patriot. This guy stood for — our intelligence agencies have done such a wonderful job. … And by politicizing it, dismantling it, not wanting to hear the truth, that’s — since World War II, we have built up this fine, fine agency. And the president is undermining it. When you speak truth to power in this country, Fredricka, when you speak truth to power, you should be a hero. But in this administration, when you speak truth to power, all too often, you get fired. Ask the captain of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, ask Col. Vindman, ask other people.”

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