McCarthy: ‘Name Me One Productive Thing Speaker Pelosi Has Accomplished in This Pandemic’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) lamented House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) obstructionism throughout the processes of coronavirus relief efforts considered by Congress.

McCarthy argues Pelosi’s main priority was opposition to President Donald Trump, noting her opposition to the President’s Chinese travel ban earlier this year.

“Well, what it would do is something that we’ve been requesting for the last two weeks — more funding for the small business program,” he said. “This business program has worked very well. More than 1.6 million businesses requested the money to pay their employees, to pay their rent. Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi has held that up for the last two weeks. What we have watched and the one question I have watching her on the Sunday show, name me one productive thing Speaker Pelosi has accomplished in this pandemic. When President Trump in January 31, put in the ban from China, February 24, she asked people to gather together in San Francisco.”

“She actually fought the ban,” McCarthy continued. “When we wanted to put the CARES Act together, she came in, held it up. Now we had a small business program working. She’s now held up the money. There’s 700,000 small business applications in right now trying to keep their doors open. Last week we watched five million people, new numbers for unemployment. How many more millions of Pelosi’s layoffs will we have to endure before she’ll put people before politics? Even at this moment to get this agreement, we could have been done yesterday, but the Democrats continue to hold up even though we have agreed to all the numbers.”

He also pointed to other instances Pelosi has opposed Trump for the sake of opposing Trump and reiterated she has accomplished very little.

“I’ve watched Nancy Pelosi disagree with this president every time. January 31, when he stopped the flights from China, she wanted to put on the floor a no-ban to make that much harder for the president to do. February 24, she asked people to gather in San Francisco in Chinatown,” McCarthy said. “When we wanted to be able to move the CARES Act, she held it up to get more funding for the National Endowment of the Arts. When we wanted more funding for small business, something she already voted for, she held it up.”

“When you look at per-capita testing, especially in the hot spots from New York or Louisiana, America has tested more than any other place in the world,” he added. “This is what the Speaker has done. Instead of work together, she has tried to fight every element. Again, name me one thing this Speaker has accomplished that’s productive during this pandemic. All she’s ever done is criticize. We need to work together as one. Look, the virus is here. We did not invite it. We did not want it, but we will defeat it together. At no other time in history, when we’ve had a challenge such as this, you’ve watched a speaker work with the president. We’ve only now watched the Speaker criticize every action.”

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