Scarborough: Trump Falling in Polls Because ‘Americans Are Noticing’ His ‘Cognitive Decline’

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Thursday reacted to a report that President Donald Trump became enraged over internal polling showing him trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming 2020 election in key states.

Scarborough said the fall is because “Americans are noticing” Trump’s “cognitive decline” after watching his behavior in the daily afternoon briefings.

“He’s in a complete meltdown,” Scarborough said of the report.

“[T]he numbers — and we are going to show the polls in a second, man — the numbers are horrific in the swing states,” he added. “They’re even bad in Texas. They’re bad in North Carolina. They’re bad all across the United States. And Donald Trump, of course, is not going to blame himself because of how badly he’s doing in these afternoon briefings, because he stumbles over words, sometimes he seems to fall asleep in the middle of meetings. He seems to be, you know — people have been talking about his cognitive decline for some time and how it might impact us in a crisis. Now, of course, worries that a cognitive decline is starting to catch up with him and we’re starting to pay. But, my gosh, Americans are noticing, and the poll numbers are just collapsing.”

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