Graham: I’ll Introduce Sanctions Against China – ‘100% Convinced’ Their Lies Caused Coronavirus to Reach U.S.

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) stated that he is completely convinced that without the dishonesty of the Chinese Communist Party, the coronavirus wouldn’t have spread to the U.S. and announced he will introduce a measure to “sanction the hell out of China” until it cooperates with investigations into the virus’ origins and closes its wet markets.

Graham said, “I’m 100% convinced, without Chinese Communist Party deception, the virus wouldn’t be here in the United States. I’m 100% convinced they will never cooperate until they’re made to do so.”

He later added, “I’m going to introduce sanctions Thursday that will sanction the hell out of China until they cooperate with us to determine how the virus came about and they close these wet markets. This is the third pandemic coming from a wet market. It is now time to push back against China.”

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