Rand Paul Calls to Reopen Economy — ‘The Only Thing that Recovers Our Economy Is Reopening the Economy’

Wednesday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) discussed the possibility of a fourth stimulus relief package amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of another stimulus package, Paul told Ed Henry of Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” that the only way to recover the U.S. economy “is opening the economy” and allowing people to get back to work or else there will “continue to be economic calamity.

“To people [who] ask me I remind them that we have no money,” Paul emphasized. “We have no rainy day account. We have no savings account. The $3 trillion that we’ve already passed out is imaginary money. It’s being borrowed basically from China. So, the irony is we got the virus from China, and now we are going to be more dependent by borrowing more money from China. The only thing that recovers our economy is opening the economy.”

He continued, “It’s not a lack of money, it’s a lack of commerce. If you let people have commerce, if you let them trade, if you take them out from forcible home arrest, our economy will recover. But if you keep everybody under home arrest and say you cannot practice your business, you cannot sell your goods, there will continue to be economic calamity. … We don’t have any money.”

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