GOP Rep. Waltz: China Infiltrating U.S. Colleges to Steal Technology, Research

Representative Michael Waltz (R-FL) on Thursday’s “Fox & Friends” discussed his recent Fox News op-ed pointing to China’s mass infiltration and theft of American research at U.S. colleges and universities.

Waltz, who wrote that he is introducing legislation to stop Chinese leadership, warned the American public that the Chinese Communist Party “are not our friends” and they want to “dominate” the United States by stealing its technology and research.

“One thing that I’m hoping in the wake of corona in all of this is a real awakening and a wake-up call for all Americans that the Chinese Communist Party are not our friends and they explicitly seek to dominate the United States,” Waltz advised. “They are going to do it by stealing our technology to dominate us economically. Then before they do [it] militarily — two things they are doing: One, is they are flooding our research institutes and our academic institutions with hundreds of thousands of Chinese students. These, I want to be clear, these are not bad kids but under Chinese law, they have to vacuum up everything they are asked about by the Chinese Communist Party and it goes right to their military — robotics, nanotechnology, advanced materials, artificial intelligence and on and on.”

He continued, “The other piece is they have a recruitment program called the Chinese Talents Programs that recruits our professors to vacuum up this research as well and send it over to Beijing. One of them was just arrested — the head of Harvard’s chemistry department — who had taken over $15 million in Defense Department and NIH research funding but then was working at guess where — the Wuhan Institute of Technology and taking $50,000 a month on that end. Look, I’m tired as a lawmaker providing hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer money that should be funding our advanced research and it going right out the door to Beijing. I have introduced legislation to stop it.”

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