Demings: We Had Chance with Impeachment to Possibly Avoid IG Firings, COVID Testing Problems

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Beat,” former House Impeachment Manager Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) discussed President Trump’s firings of multiple inspectors general and his handling of coronavirus testing and stated that the Senate had a chance “during the impeachment trial, to hold Donald Trump accountable and perhaps avoid” those things, but didn’t.

Demings said, “President Trump, and it looks like even long before he occupied the White House, has zero interest in transparency or oversight. We’re talking about a president who believes that, if he fires the person in charge of oversight, then there’s no scandal. We’re talking about a person who, just like he’s indicated several times, if we don’t do testing for COVID-19, then maybe 2 million people in this country will not contract COVID-19. The Senate had their opportunity, during the impeachment trial, to hold Donald Trump accountable and perhaps avoid a lot of that — what we’re seeing right now. But they either didn’t have the political will, the courage, or the backbone to hold him accountable. And so, here we are. Yet another watchdog has been fired for doing his job, faithfully performing and executing the duties of his job, which is simply disgraceful.”

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