Doug Jones: Investigating Bidens ‘Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Heard’ — ‘We Cannot Go Around Trying to Investigate Every Perceived Enemy’ of Trump

With Senate Republicans pushing to investigate 2020 Democratic presidential nominee frontrunner former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, for their shady dealings with Ukraine, Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) is pushing back against the idea.

Jones, who supports Biden’s 2020 presidential bid, called the report that GOP Senators want to investigate the Bidens when they could be focused on extending unemployment benefits and packages to assist people affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic “the craziest” thing he has “ever heard. He added that Congress “cannot go around trying to investigate every perceived enemy of the president,” especially President Donald Trump in particular.

“It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard,” Doug Jones said during a Wednesday appearance on “MSNBC Live.” “I mean, the chairman of the Federal Reserve talking about the need to get more done for the American businesses and for the American workers. We’re still in the middle of a health care crisis here. We cannot go around trying to investigate every perceived enemy of the president, especially this president. That’s all that they would be doing.”

He continued, “I can tell you, though, that Democrats in the Senate are talking about the things that are necessary.”

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