GOP Rep. Green: ‘We’re Already in a Great Power Competition with China’ — ‘The Way They’ve Handled COVID, Only Icing on the Cake’

Monday, Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) said even before the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the United States and China were engaged in hostilities, noting the aggressive economic practices of the communist regime.

“We’re already in a great power competition with China, and if you use the DIME paradigm — diplomatic, informational, military and economic — we’ve been in economic warfare with China for many years, and we did even know it,” he said. “The case of Motorola is an excellent example — $17 billion company. They share their IP information with Huawei, they undercut them with government subsidies from China, and the company is basically scrapped in 2011 for $900 million. Fifty-thousand Americans lose their jobs, $2 or $3 billion off the GDP of the United States. That’s what fuels our military. That’s what allows us to provide national security.”

Green called China’s handling of COVID-19 as “icing on the cake” for an already existing problem.

“There’s been a great power competition for a very long time,” Green continued. “With Xi Jinping, it’s like it has gone exponential. And it’s informational, cyber hacking, all this stuff. The way they’ve handled COVID, only icing on the cake to a big problem. If China wants a great relationship with the United States, they’ve got to start acting like a friend. The way they’ve handled COVID is just more concerning. Their response to our response to that is even worse.”

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