GOP Sen. Blunt: DOJ Should ‘Reinstate the Practice and Process Review’

During a press conference on Tuesday, Senate Republican Policy Committee Chairman Roy Blunt (R-MO) stated that the Department of Justice should reinstate its pattern and practice reviews of local police departments.

Blunt said, [relevant remarks begin around 5:20] “I think there’s wide and understandable support for the public protests going on in the country today. We have a country where people have very different discussions with their children. You know, with my sons, the discussion’s always been, if you get in trouble, find a policeman and they’ll solve this problem for you. Too many of my African American friends say their discussion is, if you get in trouble with the police, you do whatever you need to — they tell you to do until I get there, and then we’ll get it straightened out. That’s a different kind of America. And I think people are understanding that those protests make sense.”

He added that people who are a part of peaceful protests don’t want violence and looting.

Blunt continued, “I think one thing that the Justice Department could do that they’re currently not doing is reinstate the practice and process review…the pattern and practices review that could result in a court termination of what that department would look like going forward. They’re not doing that now. I think they should return to the ability to do that. … Looking at individuals is important, but it’s not enough.”

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