MSNBC’s Lisa Page: AG Barr’s Actions Endangering the Fragile Rule of Law

Friday on MSNBC, former FBI lawyer and newly minted national security and legal analyst for the MSNBC Lisa Page, said Attorney General William Barr’s actions were endangering the fragile rule of law in America.

The discussion was on a possible Senate investigation into Barr ordering Washington, DC police and National Guard troops to clear out protesters from Lafayette Square before President Donald Trump’s visit to St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Host Nicolle Wallace said, “That was Attorney General Bill Barr casting his decision on Monday as having nothing to do with the president’s movement. Whatever it had to do with it resulted in an aggressive approach to clearing largely peaceful protesters from the area outside the White House. Barr denying that Trump’s church photo op had anything to do with it.”

Page said, “I think what’s more important to recognize here is how fragile the rule of law is. How much it depends on norms and the exercise of restraint. What you see here is the exact opposite of that. You see an attorney general who doesn’t feel bound by the norms that his predecessors have. Who is willing to mischaracterize the conclusions of Mueller Report, who is willing to overturn four career prosecutors in a sentencing determination, who’s willing to withdraw a plea by somebody who, in the case of Michael Flynn, plead twice based on a cooperation agreement.”

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