Pelosi: Trump Is ‘Ethically Unfit, Intellectually Unprepared, and Personally Unqualified to Be President’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) described President Donald Trump as being “ethically unfit, intellectually unprepared, and personally unqualified to be president.”

Mitchell asked, “The president has moved his Tulsa rally from tomorrow to Saturday. It was originally, as you know, on Juneteenth. And he’s now tweeting that he made Juneteenth famous by having originally helped plan that commemoration, his rally on that day. Do you think Juneteenth should be made a national holiday?”

Pelosi said, “It’s stunning, the president says that the Supreme Court liked me, or I made Juneteenth. This is a person who is ethically unfit, intellectually unprepared, and personally unqualified to be president of the United States as he says everything is about him and not about our country. Juneteenth is a very important day for many of us, even before what’s his name ever heard of it. What we’re doing here in the capital for tomorrow, later today, I have put forth a letter asking the clerk of the House of Representatives to remove the paintings of four Confederate soldiers and participants who became speaker of the House, who were speaker or became speaker of the House. We didn’t know that until we were taking an appraisal of the statues, and then we found out from the curator that four of them had been part of the confederacy. So later today, those paintings will come down, and that’s how we will be observing Juneteenth in the Capitol.”

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